Can a Chiropractor Help With Neck Pain and Headaches?

Depends on various factors.
1. Explore other causes that could be contributing to your discomfort.

Headaches are often a side consequence of drug abuse and withdrawal. Different substances trigger different kinds of headaches. Drinking too much is often a trigger for migraines.

People who are recovering may have headaches with splitting that occur occasionally. Studies have proven that headaches can be more frequent and severe after drinking alcohol, as per Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center. The headaches could be caused through dehydration resulting from the high level of alcohol within the system, or the body’s natural reaction to certain individuals.

They can also be caused due to drinking alcohol. It is also possible to cause headaches by the misuse of prescription medicines. According to Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center, approximately 50% of headaches caused by excessive drug abuse result from abusing common drugs for pain.

While most don’t realize this, regular smoking can result in headaches. They are particularly bad as you begin to withdraw from nicotine. Chantix is a medicine that replaces nicotine. Additionally, it may cause headaches.

If you’re in this situation in these situations, the question of can a chiropractor help with headaches and neck pain won’t provide much assistance. Instead, you should seek out treatment for addiction issues. Addiction treatment for addicts is the ideal option for people suffering from addiction.

Vertigo, headache and neck pain might also represent signs of a neck injury. If you’ve recently been in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a muscle tear or an injury to joints between vertebrae might cause the neck pain. A ruptured ligament or damage to your disc may cause the pain.

2. Please describe any injuries that you’ve sustained

If you want to know whether a chiropractor could help sufferers of neck or headache pain, it’s important to first list any injuries. This will allow the chiropractor provide the most effective method of treatment. As an example, suppose you’ve been in an accident and


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