How Bail Bonds Work – Boise Family Law Newsletter

Bonds work.

The freedom of people is granted by bail bonds before they go to court. The aim of a bail bond is to make sure that the bailed person will be able to attend trial, thereby creating some financial obligation if they don’t.

Bail sums are fixed at a level for each sort of infraction. The judge is able whether to give a lesser or greater amount for bail. A forfeiture hearing will be conducted if a defendant fails to appear at the court’s scheduled time. A warrant may also be granted. If the defendant isn’t present for the forfeiture hearing or isn’t able to provide a reason, the defendant’s property is forfeited to the authority that arrested him.

On behalf of defendants bail agents, bail officers and bondmen put up sureties. They charge a fee, usually 10% of the bail sum, for the privilege of posting bail on their behalf. Bondsmen forfeit the bail amount if the defendant is not present in the court. Agents are able to contact for a bounty hunter and/or take the defendant into custody.

Bail bonds are a serious matter and anyone who fails to post bail risk facing severe legal consequences. mm2acycyti.

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