An Exercise for Implicit Bias Awareness Online Magazine Publishing

Our brains. This makes them extremely difficult to repair. This practice is a fantastic exercise to overcome unconscious beliefs.

The exercise asks you to write down the top 10 people that you most trust on a piece of paper. It’s not too hard; simply listen to your heart. When you’re finished, write in the names, gender, ethnicity, schooling and the age of each person on your list.

Are there any commonalities among the individuals you picked? A majority or all of the people you picked would be like you. This indicates a predisposition everyone has which is that we generally have the highest regard for those who are like us. It can limit our perspectives on an everyday basis.

This exercise should help you broaden your audience. Spend time with others who may have different perspectives than you. Learn from their perspectives. This is the only method to overcome your biases and to develop a balanced perspective on the world.


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