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What can You do, or what is the need for a professional to maintain your HVAC system?

Preventional maintenance plays a vital part in the functioning of HVAC systems. Mechanical systems need special focus and careful attention. A task like a tune up can be dangerous and create damage to the equipment. Only you can perform filter changes and cleaning and leave everything else for a certified technician to avoid costly mistakes.

How do you know the best ways to Clean your Home HVAC System?

It’s simple to clean the equipment. Regularly clean both indoor and outdoor equipment. Since outdoor equipment is constantly exposed to nature, outdoor gear requires more frequent maintenance than indoor ones. Air quality in the home is constantly contaminated by dirt dust, and even bacteria.

1. Outdoor Components Clean-Up

For cleaning outdoor air conditioner condensers, heat pumps and condensers, turn off the power and then scrub the dust gathered on the fins and various other components of the exterior. This can come in the form grass, twigs and various other natural items. Remove them with a vacuum brush or a garden hose. In order to ensure that airflow is maintained, trim all the foliage in your yard. When you’re done cleaning, turn the power off.

2. Indoor components Clean-Up

Air ducts and furnaces can be cleaned by taking the filter out of the compartment, and then checking it for problems. You can use a torch in the area of the filter to perform this. You can replace the filter when you are able to identify them. It is recommended to install new filters according to the directions to the front of the frame. The outside is cleaned with a soft cloth for removing dust. To reduce the risk of fire avoid flammable materials from the heat source.

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