What Questions Should I Ask My Estate Planning Lawyer? – New York State Law

Find an EP reading and discover what questions to ask your lawyer about estate planning.

The first thing you should ask your estate planning attorney: “What are your experiences in helping clients make and create an estate strategy?” It is possible to add “what kind of outcomes have you achieved in the interests of customers?” It is then possible to determine if your lawyer is experienced enough to take care of your estate.

Then, you should follow up with “How can you help me in funding my trust?” Ask “Does your trust’s financial coordinator have the capacity to assist me in reptile of my personal assets?” This includes things such as the deed to your home. You could find your assets being seized by the probate courts without this assistance.

You should ask “How can you keep my estate plan up-to-date throughout my life?” You want to ensure the estate planning attorney will be able to inform you if there are many legal changes and will revise your plan should there are any changes in your life.

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