What Is a Coaxial Cable? – Free Computer Tips

What exactly is it, and how to get it.

Let’s start by explaining the definition of a coaxial cable. Coaxial cables, also referred to by the name coax, are varieties that feature an inner conductor and a tube-like insulation layer. It is then enclosed by a shield that conducts electricity. Coaxial cables often have an insulation jacket or other shield.

Coaxiel cables are long and exist. The very first cable made of coaxiel was invented by English engineer and mathematician Oliver Heaviside who patented the cable in 1880.

This cable differs in shielded cables, which transmit smaller frequencies of signals. Dementions are precisely managed so that the conductor spacing is maintained.

So, what is an coaxial cable utilized for? They’re mostly used by cable TV companies to connect satellite antennas to the homes of their customers and to businesses.

Take a look at the video and learn more about coaxial cables and their use.


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