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1. The speakers can be sealed better with Speaker Gasket Tape. The reason this improves the sound quality is divide the frontal wave from the sound of the rear. Your stereo system’s system will not experience any distortion caused by high-volume music. The tape used to seal the speaker doesn’t let outside air get inside, and then converge with the air inside, resulting in distortion.

2. For the best performance, all auto audio companies verify the polarity and polarity of each speaker. That means every terminal and the negative wire needs to be connected. The same is true for positive wires as well as terminals that are positive.

3. The tuning controls that are built in provide one of the best and efficient ways to boost the sound quality of the car. Tuning with light is a standard feature of most head units. Even though it is hard to master, it is possible to tweak your head unit until you get better and louder sound. Check out the balance and fade options in the head unit, it will permit you to make minor adjustments that could produce a superior general sound quality because of it. vwpk44lvi2.

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