Dont Make These Ladder Mistakes – Home Improvement Videos

rs may seem pretty straightforward in the way they work. But, they could lead into dangerous situations if used properly. Both you and the ladder could slide or fall with it. There’s a lot of instances that the ladder was not properly secured and could result in injury and accidents. This is why it is typically recommended that you give roof construction to the experts.

While some of these fall videos may be funny, other falls may be quite terrifying. Two men are working on the roof in one clip. The one holding the ladder while the other who is climbing it are doing the same. The scene may seem fine initially. It was quite dangerous as the guy who held the ladder as well as the ladder itself were standing on an unstable piece of scaffolding. As the clip continues it is evident that the scaffolding move and then the entire structure tumbles down. It is likely that they sustained some bruises. It’s likely that they didn’t get hurt more than the fact that they were bruised. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that the ladder is securely to the ground, so it won’t shift and fall.


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