Common Fencing Mistakes – Family Magazine

Every yard should have fencing. But, certain fencing companies simply don’t know how to properly. This video highlights how to avoid when you are the fencing contractor.

It’s not a good idea to miss underground utilities. Underground utilities run under the house for gas, water, and electrical power. If you damage one of them during the excavation for the fence, you’re looking at a very expensive situation. It could also cause danger in certain situations in the case of electricity wires.

A second error is not placing the fence posts deep enough. If you live in a climate with harsh winters, set the posts just below the frostline to stop the post from shifting. The posts should be minimum two feet lower than the surface no matter the location you reside in.

Fence panels that are pre-built can be another mistake. These panels are simple to install, but they’ll create gaps between your fence and the soil. They aren’t able to adjust to uneven terrains and tiny slopes in your backyard, so they don’t protect every inch of your yard. A professional fence contractor to do the right job.

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