Understanding Civil Harassment Restraining Orders – Legal Magazine

sses what how to take the first step to file an civil harassment restraining request. This article provides guidelines on how to confront someone who stalks and threatens, harasses, or violates you. If someone is threatening or intimidates you, it’s possible to consider a civil harassment Restraining Order. A civil harassment restraining or restraining order differs from one for domestic violence since they don’t include an individual from your family or with whom you are in an intimate connection. An order to stop harassment in civil court may be sought against abusive neighbors, acquaintances as well as members of the public at large. The proper papers to a local judge for an indefinite restraining order. The judge might be able give temporary restraining order and set another court date. On the day of the next court hearing both parties may be permitted to defend themselves. If the judge rules for the victim or the defendant, they will issue a permanent restraining or restraining order to further protect. Consult an attorney experienced in civil harassment to assist you in filing an action for harassment in civil court. x9l6pjorie.

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