Large Tornado Destroys Suburb – The Film Frame

They were a bit too extravagant for their own sake. It was a good thing they survived in the end. In this clip you’ll see the rumble of a tornado across a tiny suburb.

The film begins with evergreen trees blowing in the wind. A funnel that is forming from the incoming tornado can be observed as it moves the camera towards the left. It’s partly covered in rain that makes it hard to spot. This is no excuse not to film this powerful storm. Everyone should seek shelter if there is a tornado warning.

There are stray fragments of debris flying through the sky when the tornado is approaching. As it moves closer to the photographer, the noise of the tornado gets louder. The funnel can be seen clearly. It’s both stunning as well as terrifying at the same time. It is also possible to see bits of roofing flying through the air. After the storm passes some houses might require significant roof repair. Another home is damaged due to the hurricane. At this point, the cameraman is wise to retreat into a safe place.


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