Inspecting a Roof Damaged From a Storm – Maine’s Finest

A roof on a house could be damaged. There are many different things that you should look for when inspecting the roof. The following article will help you inspect damaged roofs after storms.

First thing that you should be looking for is the easiest to identify. While you’re inspecting your roof , it is important to keep an eye out for any missing or damaged shingles. The roof will require replacement of the missing ones quickly should they are damaged.

The visible nails are another aspect to watch out for. If you see nails in the roof, you have damage. The presence of nails indicates that there’s some roof or the shingles are not in place. This can lead to potential leaks if you do not address the issue.

You should not be focusing upon the chimney. A chimney is an important area that needs to be protected after a roof is installed. This is one of the first areas that you are checking after a storm.

Contact a roofing contractor in case you’ve suffered severe storm damages.


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