How to Set Up a Discord Server – 1776 The Musical

The best application for downloading. By using an Discord server, you and your friends will not just text as well as voice chat, but you can also stream games to one another and video call also. Discord is a powerful application that connects billions of people around all over the world. If you want to bring groups of people to one another, or set up your own chat rooms online for your friends, then do you want to invest in your own free Discord server? In this tutorial we’ll take an review the basic steps to set an entirely new server on Discord.

You should create separate channels when you are setting to set up the server. For example, if you want to have an exclusive gaming channel, you can add a new text channel titled “In-Game.” You can prevent general chat getting overly crowded by creating separate channels. You can also give administrators access to the server’s members and give them roles. It is possible to upload your personal emoticons as well as invite friends to join!


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