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ndly paving materials currently available. A majority of asphalt can be recycled and installing asphalt isn’t too difficult as long as you have professional equipment and a skilled crew. If you’re in search of asphalt pavement services, you may wonder how exactly your new pavement will be laid.

The initial step of an asphalt paver project typically involves clearing the entire surface of the old pavement. If you do not have older pavement, your crew could instead prep the area by grading and sloping down the surfaces. It is usually done following the removal of old pavement. It is essential for water to be drained away from the pavement.

Once the surface has been prepared, the workers can lay and compress an initial base. Sub base forms an ideal base for asphalt pavement. Then the construction workers apply the binder made of petroleum and aggregate. This layer of asphalt is placed on top. It’s composed of tiny aggregates, sand, and oil. They smooth out any gaps between the asphalt surface , and then roll the whole thing.

If you’re interested in additional information on asphalt pavement make sure you connect with the pavement specialists who are in your local area. pkeg25f8rz.

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