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when it comes down to gamer platforms for voice chat, Discord has reigned supreme for quite a while. Discord might be one of the most popular and well-known voice servers, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most reliable. Discord is around for a long time and users have had the opportunity to try a number of voices platforms. How do they differ in the quality of their audio? The video below provides a comprehensive overview of the best-performing voice-based gaming platforms.

Skype and Mumble battle Discord as voice server. Mumble is more open source and free than Discord as well. Mumble provides better secure server as well as better data security. Skype as well as Discord both claim to not provide your personal data to third parties yet are legally permitted to sell your personal data under their disclaimers. The bottom line is that Discord has a plethora of server functions to prevent people from being within and outside of your private server, as well as the fastest server configuration speed. In addition, the majority of players utilize Discord and have not had any problems that the service fails to address.


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