How to Change Transmission Fluid – Car Talk Credits

There is always the option of bringing it to a transmission shop This video, however, shows you how you can do the job yourself.

For access to the fluid tank to access the fluid container, first you’ll need to utilize the crane. The jack stand should be placed on an upright metal piece of the frame and then turn it off.

In order to prevent your vehicle from falling over your head, you should place two jack stands to either on either side of your vehicle. Make sure you have your drain pan ready, and then crawl underneath the car. Grab a hex key to unlock the bolt. Put on gloves to keep liquid from getting in your hands.

Transmission fluid is supposed to be Red. If the fluid is drained is more dark than the one you originally used, it suggests that you’ve done the right thing , and that you have to fill it up. Some cares also have transmission filters. This involves taking out those bolts which hold the pan in place and then removing the complete pan. Go through the manual of your vehicle in case you’re unsure of the filter in your transmission.

The final step is put the drain bolt into and lower the car and then refill the engine using transmission fluid. A funnel and container to store transmission fluid are found at any auto store. For more information, check out the above video.


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