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I’ve always loved to eat and drink sweet things, but I’ve learned that there are lots of food and drink options that aren’t so bad for you! Check out my healthy dessert blog to educate you on food and drink options that are healthy and taste excellent, and learn more information about food and drink choices that taste as good as they are for you!

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Hundreds protest in downtown Phoenix over George Floyd's death; pepper spray used on protesters

A protest named Stand with Minneapolis: Justice for George Floyd drew a crowd outside Phoenix City H […]

Hundreds gather to protest the death of George Floyd in downtown Phoenix

Protesters gather outside Phoenix City Hall on May 28, 2020, to show solidarity and support for the […]

Protests erupt in downtown Phoenix for the death of George Floyd

"No justice! No peace!" people chant in support of George Floyd as a Phoenix Police car dr […]

'I Can't Breathe!' people chant in downtown Phoenix in protest of George Floyd's death

Protesters marched and chanted "I can't breathe!" in downtown Phoenix on Thursday, Ma […]

Justice for George Floyd rally makes its way through downtown Phoenix

After the death of George Floyd, members of the community in Phoenix rally in hopes of bringing Just […]

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