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World Series Radio

From “The Giants win the pennant” to “Back back back back… and it’s outta here!” to “Go Cubs Go!”, baseball on the radio is as great a tradition as any other in America’s pastime, and the legends of World Series radio broadcasting, Hall of Famers like Vin Scully, Harry Caray and Bob Uecker. Relive some of baseball’s most dramatic moments through their World Series radio calls…

Skiing Video

It may be spring, and the snow may be melting on your favorite slopes, but like it or not winter is only a few short months away. While you’re off the mountain, you can always watch a skiing video or two for some inspiration. Learn a few new tricks, check out some western or Alpine terrain, or train to race like the pros!

Healthy Dessert

I’ve always loved to eat and drink sweet things, but I’ve learned that there are lots of food and drink options that aren’t so bad for you! Check out my healthy dessert blog to educate you on food and drink options that are healthy and taste excellent, and learn more information about food and drink choices that taste as good as they are for you!

Home Insurance Costs

Do you know how much your home insurance costs? Premiums and fees can vary widely from one broker or insurer to another, yet many homeowners simply accept the insurance included with their mortgage, paying more than they have to. Check out our tips to lower your home insurance costs by optimizing your deductibles, appraising your house and contents, and finding an independent broker who can negotiate for your best interests.

Online Shopping Safe

You may have heard of one of the many credit card breaches recently, but do you know how to keep your online shopping safe? Despite the high-profile incidents in the news, online shopping is still at least as safe as shopping in brick-and-mortar stores, but it’s still a good idea to watch out for potential risk factors!


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Phoenix News

Phoenix police officer fires gun at fleeing man after attempted traffic stop in Mesa

Phoenix police were patrolling near State Route 51 and Interstate 10 on Thursday when they attempted […]

How is the Verde River doing? Conservation groups give the watershed a C-plus

Rating the health of Arizona's Verde River, conservation groups give the watershed a less-than- […]

To stay warm this winter, Hopi and Navajo families are forced to look beyond coal

After the Kayenta Mine closure, heating a home is more costly and time-consuming for many in norther […]

FBI looking for 'Bandaged Bandit' who robbed banks across metro Phoenix last summer

The "Bandaged Bandit" hit multiple Arizona banks last summer, and the FBI warns that he is […]

Interested in Gilbert Town Council appointment? Act now for one (possibly soon three) seats

If you're interested in being appointed to Gilbert Town Council, now's the time to act. Th […]

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